"Under the Westway"


"When the flag’s coming down and the Last Post sounds, just like a love song for the way I feel about you.  Paradise’s not lost, it’s in you." 

No, don’t worry, I’m not going back to the start of the alphabet to begin again.  It’s just that there’s been a last minute addition to my CD singles.  When Blur announced the release of new material earlier this year, hardcore fans petitioned EMI for it to be released on CD.  For once, the record company listened and agreed to put out a limited CD single. 

I couldn’t pass up the chance to buy Under The Westway - one of the most beautiful tracks of the year - on the format that I love.  My pre-ordered copy turned up this week, just in time to close my blog series.  It’s breaking my own rules going right back to the letter B.  I can’t think of a better way to finish, or a more fitting track. 

If this actually turns out to be the last CD single that I ever buy, I’ll be happy.  But I really frigging hope it isn’t.  It’s been an absolute pleasure to have shared such an important part of my record collection, my life and all my experiences; emotional, cathartic, bitter sweet at times, but an amazingly enjoyable musical journey. 

I’ve been a CD Single Man, this is my final track. 

Goodnight xx